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Safer® Brand Accelerate (4-0-2) Hydroponic Liquid Nutrient Fertilizer Concentrate 32 oz SKU #: N212

Accelerate from Safer® Brand features a liquid fertilizer made from a fish and molasses solution to help fuel the growth of your flowers, fruits, vegetables, herbs, berries and potted plants. Safer® Brand Accelerate is useful for hydroponic production and soil-based planting. It is also OMRI Listed® to keep growers organic compliant.





TARGETAll plants

Uses for Accelerate

Safer® Brand Accelerate should be fed to hydroponic and soil-based plants during their vegetative growth stage. Use it on indoor and outdoor potted plants, perennials, annuals, all types of flowers, vegetables, trees, berries and shrubs.

What’s in Accelerate?

Accelerate is formulated with acidulated fish tankage (decomposing fish matter) and molasses. The fertilizer created from mixing the two ingredients creates the perfect plant food for vegetative growth, delivering a mix of nitrogen and potassium for this critical growth stage. Accelerate’s N-P-K ratio is 4-0-2.

Tips for Use

For the maximum yield from your plants while using Safer® Brand Accelerate, include these procedures in your regular routine:

  • Check water quality with a PPM meter or conductivity meter.
  • In hydroponic operations, drain and replace nutrients about once a week.
  • Maintain nutrient pH between 5.5 and 6.5. Remember that pH can vary based on water quality and the season.
  • Pull back on your fertilizer strength if plants show signs of stress.
  • Use the feeding schedule to guide fertilizer application.

Accelerate for Hydroponics

Use 12 ml to 14 ml of Accelerate in every gallon of water in your hydroponic system. To help your plants with their early growth, stick with 12 ml. For aggressive treatments, use 14 ml. In a recirculating system, top off the nutrients until you reach your desired PPM.

Accelerate for Garden Plants

For traditional, soil-based growing, Accelerate is acceptable to use with every watering. Add 12 ml to 14 ml per gallon of water depending on how aggressive of a plan you want with your feeding schedule.

Safer Brand Suggested Feeding Schedule
Stage Cuttings &
General Purpose/
Early Veg
to Bloom
Awaken 3-4 ml/gal
Accelerate 12 ml/gal 14 ml/gal
Amplify 7 ml/gal 11-15 ml/gal
TruAmino+ ¾ tsp/gal ¼-1 tsp/gal
TruBone+ 6-8 ml/gal 6-8 ml/gal 6-9 ml/gal 13-15 ml/gal

The Next Step

Safer® Brand has a fertilizer for every stage of development. From seedlings to their final bloom, try our hydro-friendly line, including Awaken (seedlings & clones), Amplify (blooming), TruBone+(vegetative and blooming), and TruAmino+ (blooming).

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