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Safer® Brand Awaken (3-1-5) Hydroponic Liquid Nutrient Fertilizer Concentrate 32 oz SKU# N202

Safer® Brand has the liquid fertilizer hydroponic growers need to kick start growth for cuttings and seedlings with Awaken (3-1-5) Liquid Fertilizer Concentrate. Inside this 32 oz bottle is an OMRI Listed® mix of acidulated fish tankage and molasses to deliver essential minerals, nutrients and carbohydrates to your growing plants.





TARGETAll plants

Uses for Awaken

When diluted appropriately, Awaken is specifically formulated to energize the growth of new seedlings and cuttings in their earliest stage of development. By maintaining a good pH and using the feeding schedule for Awaken, you’ll see amazing growth and strengthened plants as a result.

What’s in Awaken?

Awaken is derived from a fish-based nutrient mixed with molasses and phosphoric acid. The resultant liquid fertilizer provides your plants with nitrogen, phosphate and potassium in a 3-1-5 fertilizer ratio.

Tips for Use

Safer® Brand Awaken is an effective plant food concentrate when you follow the label’s instructions and follow these procedures:

  • Monitor your water quality with a conductivity or PPM meter.
  • Prevent any nutrient imbalances by draining and replacing nutrients once a week.
  • Aim for nutrient pH levels of 5.5 and 6.5. Adjust as needed based on your water quality and current growing season.
  • Cut back on nutrient delivery if your plants show any signs of stress.
  • Use the included feeding schedule to determine mixing proportions.

Awaken for Hydroponics

In a hydroponic setting, mix 3 ml to 4 ml for every gallon of water, but increase that amount to achieve your desired PPM. With this mixture, your water reservoir should be changed every 5 to 7 days.

Awaken for Garden Plants

When using Awaken for soil-based plants, use 3 ml to 4 ml per gallon of water and include with every watering.

Safer Brand Suggested Feeding Schedule
Stage Cuttings &
General Purpose/
Early Veg
to Bloom
Awaken 3-4 ml/gal
Accelerate 12 ml/gal 14 ml/gal
Amplify 7 ml/gal 11-15 ml/gal
TruAmino+ ¾ tsp/gal ¼-1 tsp/gal
TruBone+ 6-8 ml/gal 6-8 ml/gal 6-9 ml/gal 13-15 ml/gal

The Next Step

Once your plants have stabilized and are growing well, look to Safer® Brand to help your plants advance to the next stage in the growth cycle. Other hydro-friendly fertilizers include Accelerate (vegetative), Amplify (blooming), TruBone+ (vegetative and blooming), and TruAmino+ (blooming).

Safer® Brand is the leader in alternative lawn and garden products.

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