TruBone+ (6-20-0) Hydroponic Nutrient Fertilizer Liquid Concentrate – By Safer® Brand

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Safer® Brand TruBone+ (6-20-0) Hydroponic Liquid Fertilizer Concentrate 32 oz SKU# N232

With Safer® Brand TruBone+ Liquid Fertilizer Concentrate, your plants will be treated to a solution of fermented corn extracts and steamed bone meal. This concentration delivers an easily absorbed form of phosphorous and nitrogen to help your flowers, fruits, vegetables, herbs, medicinals, berries and potted plants.




Amino acids


TARGETAll plants

Uses for Trubone+

This liquid fertilizer perfectly supplements hydroponic and soil-based garden operations and guides plants through their vegetative growth stage and into bloom. TruBone+ from Safer® Brand can be used inside or out, in the home or in the garden. Add TruBone+ to any plants that have a high demand for phosphorous and a touch of nitrogen.

What’s in Trubone+?

TruBone+ uses extracts from fermented corn and steamed bone meal to deliver a beneficial mix of nutrients to your plants. The bone meal extract is loaded with phosphorus and nitrogen, key nutrients used to strengthen developing plants. The corn adds valuable amino acids, an easily absorbed protein, to build a healthy cellular structures, leaves and flowers.

Tips for Use

TruBone+ is best used in addition to base-level fertilizers. To get the most benefit from TruBone from Safer® Brand, follow these procedures:

  • Follow the feeding schedule for TruBone+ and any other fertilizer you’re adding to maximize the delivery of nutrients to your plants.
  • Watch for signs of stress from your plants and pull back on TruBone+ dosage as needed.
  • Adjust your nutrient solution to maintain a pH from 5.5 and 6.5. Also be aware that water quality and even the season can affect pH levels.
  • Use a conductivity or PPM meter to monitor nutrient strength and water quality on a regular basis. If any imbalances are detected, take steps to resolve.

Trubone+ for Hydroponics

Safer® Brand TruBone+ is designed for use with hydroponic operations. Depending on your plant stage, mix 6 ml to 15 ml of TruBone+ with every gallon of water in your reservoir. Use 6 ml to 8 ml for vegetative stages. The transitional period to blooming stage gets a slight boost, from 6 ml to 9 ml. To help with full blooms and ripening, increase the dosage to 13 ml to 15 ml per gallon.

Replace your reservoir’s nutrient mix every 3 days in early flower and then every other day through mid- to late-flower.

Trubone+ for Garden Plants

For soil-based plants, follow the same dosage guidelines as mentioned in the hydroponic section above, except that you will mix into your watering system and feed on a daily basis.

Safer Brand Suggested Feeding Schedule
Stage Cuttings &
General Purpose/
Early Veg
to Bloom
Awaken 3-4 ml/gal
Accelerate 12 ml/gal 14 ml/gal
Amplify 7 ml/gal 11-15 ml/gal
TruAmino+ ¾ tsp/gal ¼-1 tsp/gal
TruBone+ 6-8 ml/gal 6-8 ml/gal 6-9 ml/gal 13-15 ml/gal

The Next Step

Provide a supplement for every stage of your plant’s development with Safer® Brand fertilizer concentrate. From seedlings to their final bloom, try our hydroponic line, including Awaken (seedlings & clones), Accelerate (vegetative), Amplify (blooming) and TruAmino+ (blooming).



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