Back to Earth Cotton Burr Compost – Regular and Acidified

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Back To Earth Composted Cotton Burrs


  • Coarse-Screened available in 2 or 3 cu ft bags and in bulk.

Back To Earth Composted Cotton Burrs consists of our unmatched Composted Cotton Burrs, screened with a coarse screen or a fine screen to fit any need you have. This makes BTE Composted Cotton Burrs an ideal general- purpose mulch for amending clay or sandy soils. This product is available with elemental sulfur to help neutralize high pH soils. This product contains no chemicals, weeds, insects, or harmful pathogens. Soils low in organic matter and humus or with poor tilth and structure cannot be rejuvenated with chemical fertilizers. Back To Earth compost can quickly start improvement of such soils, since it begins to function immediately, restoring vital organic matter and humus to soils, regardless of soil conditions.



Prepare a hole 1/3 to 1/2 larger than the root ball of the plant or tree. Mix 25% to 50% Back to Earth with existing soil. Backfill hole with prepared mixture making sure root ball is level with ground. Water well, taking care that no air pockets are left around the roots.


Spread Back To Earth 2″-3″ thick over entire area to be planted. Turn or till to a depth of 4″-8″ mixing it thoroughly with the existing soil. Plant and water adequately to keep ground moist, not wet.


Spread 1″-3″ of Back To Earth around the base of plants, trees, and shrubs. Mulch should be kept a couple of inches away from trunks and stems.

Available in 2 and 3 cubic foot bags.

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