Black Gold Worm Castings

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Black Gold® Earthworm Castings contain a fertilizer charge. In fact, they are so nutrient-charged that we actually have to register them as a fertilizer in some states. Minerals and nutrients from earthworm castings are in a water-soluble form, making them readily available to plants.

Adding castings to your soil will increase microbiological activities, helping to break down fertilizers into a form the plant can utilize, as well improving soil structure. Castings can be used alone as a nutrient-rich top dressing, blended with soil to stimulate plant growth or mixed with water to create manure tea. In combination with other organic ingredients like peat moss, castings are one of the many factors that make Black Gold® a premium quality potting soil line.

Earthworm castings will not burn your plant’s tender roots. Additionally, there is virtually no odor when you use castings, making them useful in both outdoor and indoor applications. Just remember – your flower beds, vegetable gardens, container gardens, flowering baskets and houseplants are anxiously awaiting the arrival of earthworm castings in their lives.