Gro Power GroLife Mycorrhizal Innoculent

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GroLife® is a natural product that contains various types of mycorrhizal fungi with an organic soil conditioner. GroLife® is effective in any type of soil, helping to create a healthy beneficial environment for plants. When GroLife® is incorporated into the soil, the mycorrhizal fungi will form a symbiotic relationship between the host plants roots and the soil. This relationship, call mycorrhizal, when established will become an extension to the root system. This will increase the surface area of the roots to help in the uptake of nutrients, (especially phosphorus) and will increase the growth rate. Research has found that when plants establish this relationship, the chance of survival will greatly increase. The host plant will become more drought tolerant, have greater resistance to root diseases, and can resist the invasion of weeds. The joint venture between Tree of Life Nursery and Gro-Power®, Inc. bring together 55 years of knowledge and experience to produce a product that will effectively enhance the soil environment. This product contains humus, humic acids, micronutrients, and beneficial soil bacteria, along with various endo and ecto mycorrhizal fungi to create a natural ecosystem.

APPLICATION RATES SOIL INOCULATION per 1,000 sq. ft. per Acre GroLife® 20 lbs. 1,000 lbs. Incorporate GroLife® from 2″ to 8″ beneath the soil surface. Shallow incorporation (2″– 4″) is advantageous during cool weather, deep incorporation (4″– 8″) during warm weather. NOTE: GroLife® should be sufficient for soil preparation on most revegetation projects. The projects are designed with specifications for native plants which will become established with minimal horticultural inputs; i.e., little or no fertilization. Increased weed growth may be a result of high fertilization. GroLife® acts as inoculum, soil conditioner and starter nutrient source.