Sequestar Iron 6%

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The Monterey Sequestar Iron 6% 3-0-0 (LG7250) is a water soluble granular form of iron that corrects iron deficiency in plants. It contains Eddha, a top of the line agent in chelating materials. This is highly effective in alkaline soils but can also work in more acidic soil conditions. Soil drenching is the best way of applying this product. The granules are dissolved in water at the desired rate and then poured around the drip line of the plant, tree, or shrub. The formula is readily available to the plant and can quickly cure chlorosis of even deep-rooted plants. The plants can be treated every 3-4 months at a lower rate. For best results, treating with smaller doses at frequent intervals rather than giving a large dose all at once is recommended.

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