Soil Mender Bonsai Soil

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Soil Mender Bonsai Soil


  • Available in 5/6 qt bags per case.

A bonsai is confined to a relatively small quantity of soil throughout the on which its very existence depends. Through the soil in the post, the tree must be able to obtain water, nutrients and gases in order to grow. For this very reason, we have formulated Soil Mender Organic Bonsai Soil. Built on a base of all top quality, finished compost, we have added expanded shale and lava sand as well as other natural mediums for a complete soil.


Step 1
For best results, plan your bonsai planting in detail before beginning the project. Decide what direction your plant will set in the pot and consider future growth.

Step 2
Add a porous material, such as expanded shale, to the bottom of your pot. Typically the first 10% of the pot should be filled with this porous material.

Step 3
Trim your bonsai roots accordingly and place in the middle of the pot.

Step 4
Squeeze and work bag to break up soil. Lay down a thin layer of soil then work bonsai soil in and around the roots being careful not to leave any air pockets. Bonsai soil should be pushed into air pockets, but not packed in.

Step 5
A mound should be made around the center of the plant. Be careful not to get soil level too high. Do not cover initial root flare of the bonsai plant. All feeder roots must be covered with soil.

Step 6
Water soil accordingly based on plant variety. Typically, let the soil dry completely out before watering again. Soil should be replaced annually to ensure healthy and vigorous plants.