Soil Mender Elemental Sulfur

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Soil Mender Sulfur is an all natural mineral that can be used to correct alkaline soil problems and as a plant food to provide the nutrient sulfur. Use only as directed.

  • Naturally-occurring mineral
  • Correct alkaline soil problems
  • Serves as a plant food to provide elemental sulfur


Sulfur (S) – 90.0%
derived from
elemental sulfur

Inert Ingredients – 10.0%


Apply Soil Mender Sulfur up to 1/2 lb per 10 sq ft twice per growing season to acidify soil to desired pH. As a plant food, sprinkle 3 Tbsp per 100 sq ft or 1 Tbsp per plant around the root zone at planting. Do not exceed recommended root zone application.

Case of 12/4 lb bags