Soil Mender Enriched Mulch

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Soil Mender Enriched Mulch is a 100% organic COMPOSTED soil builder consisting primarily of composted, aged woods and composted cotton burrs. This product contains no chemicals or chemical residue, no weeds or weed seeds, no insects or insect larvae, and no dangerous pathogens. Soil Mender Enriched Mulch is specifically formulated to add premium organic matter to poor soils, promoting an environment for healthy microbial and biological activity. Soil Mender Enriched Mulch is ideal for a multitude of professional growing platforms. This product may be mixed with native soil as a growing medium, used as a top-dress or moisture barrier mulch in beds and landscapes, or used as a combination installation and maintenance product in a professional environment. For best results, read and follow directions.


Trees & Shrubs
Prepare a hole 1/3 to 1/2 larger than the root ball of the tree, shrub, or vine. Mix 25% to 50% Enriched Mulch with existing soil. Backfill hole with prepared mixture making sure root ball is level with ground. Water well, taking care that no air pockets are left around roots.

Planting Beds & Landscape
Prepare area by clearing off any undesired vegetation and debris. Apply Enriched Mulch at the rate of 2” to 4” over entire area to be planted. Spade or till to a depth of 4” to 10” mixing thoroughly with native soil. Plant and water adequately to keep ground moist and not wet.

Planting Beds & Landscape Using Landscape Fabric or Film
If using landscaping fabric or film, remove all undesired vegetation and debris. Install fabric or film according to the manufacturer’s directions, then apply 2” to 6” of Enriched Mulch over fabric or film. Plant desired plants by preparing a hole through the mix and fabric or film 1/3 to 1/2 larger than the root ball of plant, mix accordingly and water well, taking care that no air pockets are left around roots.

Combination Installation & Maintenance
Soil Mender Enriched Mulch offers the perfect mix for today’s professional landscaper by eliminating multiple applications of products to achieve maximum results. With regular watering, the wood in this mix will tend to stay on top, providing a moisture barrier mulch, while the finer particles will settle under the wood in the horizon of biological activity for maximum crop results.

Available in 3 cubic foot bags