Soil Mender Garden Soil Builder 1.5-1-1

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Soil Mender Garden Soil Builder is a rich blend of aged humus mixed with essential supplements to form a complete soil builder for various garden applications. It builds a proper soil foundation and enhances vigorous plant growth in your garden, flower beds, and in your landscaping. Soil Mender Garden Soil Builder adds essential organic and biological material that improves your soil’s moisture holding capacity to resist drought and aid in nutrient delivery to your plants, protects roots from pathogens and chemical damage, and promotes beneficial soil organisms to ensure results every time you use it. Soil Mender Garden Soil Builder consists of properly aged humus, aged compost, alfalfa, and humate. Alfalfa meal is a very high quality soil amendment containing Triacontanol, a natural growth stimulant that produces bigger and better plants. Humate aids in the physical modification of soil structure, improving water infiltration and plant quality. Read and follow directions for best results. Not recommended for container or pot planting.


Total Nitrogen (N) – 1.5%
Available Phosphate (P2O5) – 1.0%
Soluble Potash (K20) – 1.0%
pH 6.7
Derived from Composted Cotton Burrs, Composted Cattle Manure,
Alfalfa Meal, Humate                                                                                                                        


Soil Mender Garden Soil Builder cannot be effectively applied with a domestic fertilizer spreader. To obtain maximum results, rototill or spade mix 6” deep with native soil. Your work will be generously rewarded with super results every time you apply Soil Mender Garden Soil Builder.

Flower Beds, Gardens, & Landscape

1. Add 1 – 3” of Soil Mender Garden Soil Builder to your beds or garden area. See coverage chart for amount of bags needed.
2. Rototill or spade mix to a depth of 6” mixing well with native soil. Rake smooth.
3. Plant seeds or plants, being careful to follow directions on package of seeds or plant tag.
4. Water thoroughly after planting. Keep area moist with daily watering until plants are well established.

Raised Bed Gardening

Raised beds are a great alternative when working clay soils with poor drainage or sandy soils with too much drainage. Raised beds also tend to warm up sooner offering gardeners a head start on the growing season. To make raised beds:
1. Follow the directions for flower beds, gardens, & landscape. Ensure Soil Mender Garden Soil Builder is thoroughly mixed with native soil or Soil Mender Raised Bed Mix6” deep.
2. Build a border around bed using landscaping timbers, crossties, blocks, hay, or some other medium that will keep soil in the raised bed.
3. Add another 1 – 3” of Soil Mender Garden Soil Builder to bed and mix thoroughly with previous mix. This will make up to a 6” raised bed. For the amount of bags needed, double the listed amount of bags on the coverage rate chart.

Repairing and Filling

Soil Mender Garden Soil Builder is the perfect blend for filling bare and problem spots. Use for filling in low spots or patching bare spots in your landscaping by applying Soil Mender Garden Soil Builder directly to the native soil. When filling low spots, add an extra two(2) inches of soil to low spot to help offset compaction of soil when watered.

Available in 40 lb bags