Soil Mender Tree and Shrub Planting Mix 1 cubic foot bag

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Soil Mender Tree & Shrub Planting Mix contains a specially formulated blend of organic ingredients to get your trees and shrubs off to a great start. It is an easy way to add organic matter and improve soil structure while planting. Containing composted cotton burrs, composted cattle manure, composted pine bark and composted wheat straw, it super-stimulates fungal growth making it one of our finest composts.



Dig a hole about six(6) to twelve(12) inches wider and no deeper than the plant’s pot measures. Try to handle the tree or shrub by the container or stake.


Remove the tree or shrub with care from the container. Loosen the root ball by tapping the container. Take care to not loosen soil from the roots because doing so may cause stress to the tree.


Place tree or shrub in the prepared hole making certain it is level or slightly above the surrounding landscape.

Step 4

Mix 1 part Soil Mender Tree & Shrub Mix with 3 parts existing soil and backfill the hole. Add water into the hole as you backfill to help eliminate harmful air pockets.

Step 5

Fill hole until it is a few inches higher than its surroundings. Cover the area with an approved landscape mulch to provide further moisture retention and protection.