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Safer® Brand TruAmino+ (15-0-0) Hydroponic Nitrogen Fertilizer Granular 1 lb SKU# N242

TruAmino+ from Safer® Brand is a nitrogen-rich water soluble fertilizer for use in hydroponic operations and soil-based gardens. This granular plant food benefits medicinals, flowers, fruits, vegetables, herbs, berries and potted plants as they develop their mature blooms.




TARGETAll plants

Uses for TruAmino+

TruAmino+ delivers nitrogen that’s quickly absorbed by your plants to help them generate structures related to flowering and fruiting. Add TruAmino+ to your feeding schedule for indoor and outdoor potted plants, flowers, berries, vegetables, shrubs, trees, annuals, perennials and herbs.

What’s in TruAmino+?

The primary ingredient in TruAmino+ is lysine. This powerful amino acid provides a high concentration of nitrogen and stimulates the development of beneficial microbe populations. TruAmino+ rates a 15-0-0 on the N-P-K scale, making it an excellent supplemental plant food.

Tips for Use

TruAmino+ should be diluted with water as instructed on the label. Though these instructions should provide for a safe application, follow these procedures to appropriately monitor your plants:

  • TruAmino+ is a supplemental plant food and should be used in addition to base-level fertilizers. Follow feeding schedules of all your fertilizers while you use them.
  • Plants can be overfed and will show signs of stress when they are overwhelmed with nutrients. To avoid this, drain and replace your nutrient solution each week to keep it balanced.
  • Nutrient levels and water quality are best monitored with a conductivity or PPM meter.
  • Most plants prefer pH levels between 5.5 and 6.5. Adjust your nutrients to achieve this standard.
  • Top-dress your media with worm castings, which add additional nutrients, enrich the soil and can even repel some pests.

TruAmino+ for Hydroponics

TruAmino+ is designed for use in hydroponic operations, and dosage should be from 1 ml to 5 ml per gallon, depending on your plant’s stage of development. Give plants a strong shot of TruAmino+ as they transition from their vegetative stage and into bloom — about 4 ml per gallon. During their blooming or ripening stages, use 1 ml to 5 ml per gallon.

TruAmino+ for Garden Plants

When applying TruAmino+ to your soil-based plantings, add 1 ml to 5 ml per gallon of water with every watering. While your plants are transitioning to bloom, use about 4 ml of TruAmino+. While blooming or ripening, use 1 ml to 5 ml.

Safer Brand Suggested Feeding Schedule
Stage Cuttings &
General Purpose/
Early Veg
to Bloom
Awaken 3-4 ml/gal
Accelerate 12 ml/gal 14 ml/gal
Amplify 7 ml/gal 11-15 ml/gal
TruAmino+ ¾ tsp/gal ¼-1 tsp/gal
TruBone+ 6-8 ml/gal 6-8 ml/gal 6-9 ml/gal 13-15 ml/gal

The Next Step

Let Safer® Brand guide your plant’s development with its line of fertilizer concentrate. From seedlings to their final bloom, try our hydroponic line. It includes Awaken (seedlings & clones), Accelerate (vegetative), Amplify (blooming) and TruBone+ (vegetative & blooming).



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