Gro Power Plus 5-3-1 Fertilizer

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Gro-Power Plus is designed for soil conditions that are impossible, such as highly-compacted, hard pan areas (clay, adobe, caliche soils) or areas that have extremely high levels of salt (EC), sodium boron or pH problems. Here is what Gro-Power Plus does for you:
(1) Increases the rate and depth water penetration.
(2) Aerates the soil.
(3) Reduces evaporation.
(4) Deepens root system.
(5) Makes plant food in soil more available.
(6) Frees trace minerals.
(7) Soil does not become waterlogged.

I. Gro-Power Plus Used For Soil Preparation:
Use Gro-Power Plus at the rate of 150 lbs. to 200 lbs. per 1000 square feet Rototill Gro-Power Plus into the top 6″ to 8″ of soil. Then water thoroughly; the water activates the penetrant and starts to break up the compacted soil. Each time the water is added, the soil is broken up deeper until the penetrant is finally used up. The best part – the Humus in Gro-Power is there to keep the soil loose and friable below the root zone

II. Gro-Power Plus Used For Turf Maintenance:
Use Gro-Power Plus at the rate of 25 lbs. to 30 lbs. per 1000 square feet on areas that have become highly compacted, hard-pan areas, areas where water stands, the center of football fields or high traffic areas. Use Gro-Power Plus once a year, then regular Gro-Power formula or Gro-Power Hi Nitrogen at 7 lbs. to 8 lbs per 1000 square feet the rest of the application . Usually one or two more applications of regular Gro-Power or Gro-Power Hi-Nitrogen is all that is needed the balance of the year after Gro-Power Plus has been used.

III. Gro-Power Plus Used For Hydroseeding:
Use for those difficult soil conditions – on cut and fill slopes, decomposed granite, etc. Apply at the rate 1,000 lbs. to 1,300 lbs per acre in slurry.


Gro-Power Plus 5-3-1 Soil Penetrant Added
(1.00% Alkyl Naphthalene Sodium Sulfonate)

Fertilizer – Conditioner – Organic materials, higher plant form life, composted below the fibrous stage to support bacterial cultures. Gro-Power contains no poultry, animal or human waste.

PHYSICAL PROPERTIES: A uniform “Beaded” homogenous mixture – 100.00% passing through a #4 mesh screen – a water soluble bio-degradable binder is used to insure fast breakdown.

CHEMICAL ANALYSIS: 5-3-1, Nitrogen (available) 5.00%, Phosphate 3.00%, Potash 1.00% Humus 70.00%, Humic Acids 15.00% Soil Penetrant 1.00%. Gro-Power bacterial “stimulator” included.

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